About Us

Based at Atlanta's gorgeous Inman park, Adorbs Boutique is a curator of giftware, jewelry, stationery and vintage goods. 

My name is Michelle Venkman and I am the artist and curator behind Adorbs Boutique Designs. It is our family business that my husband, Norman, and I started in 2014. 

We specialize in identity-based urban wares and unique gifts. Since 2014, we’ve been stylizing the lives of people dear to us in Atlanta, USA, and the world.

Our inspirations for design are mostly identity-based themes that we feel strongly about. Whether it’s cooking or tennis, we are looking to unearth people’s passions and express them. Other than that we love family, the ocean, yoga, relaxed mindset, green spaces, tiny homes and big hearts.

Our hope is that each item you purchase will bring joy to you and to the world in general… We believe that smiles multiply and kind hearts triumph.

Our collections range from houseware, jewelry, fabrics and whimsy finds. We source items from all over the US and the world, adding merchandise weekly to the shop. We like to say that our aesthetic is effortless, yet carefully put together.  

Media Inquiries 
Please contact us at info@adorbsboutique.com. We have a media library that houses high-quality imagery of all our stock and features.


Michelle and Norman